We serve our clients under the oath of treating every event individually and taking special care in arranging every event in a unique manner. Our focus on entertaining is based on three major components, which is to insure each event is Elegant, Memorable, and Fun, in addition guarantee all events should encompass the nature of each individual client.


Epic Music Entertainment is a DJ and enhanced lighting-entertainment vendor. We pride ourselves in providing quality entertainment for a wide variety of events including weddings, engagements, corporate events, and private parties in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Epic has over 15 years of experience in music and event entertainment. We have worked hard to develop an Epic service that fully captures the experience that we provide with DJing and event lighting. Epic provides an entirely new line of enhanced entertainment venue lighting services, from small engagement parties or birthdays up to the most elegant weddings of the year.

DJ Ano is a young and upcoming DJ in the San Francisco Bay Area. Ano has always had a love for music, and now with more than five years of experience in music entertainment has honed his skill and created a confident and fresh sound, capable of captivating any crowd. With a specialty in dance and hip hop, he has learned to expand his play lists to include songs from every genre, including international music, to enhance cultural experiences at any event.

Besides DJing, Ano has a passion for basketball; playing in college and on organized leagues has made him strong and taught him to work exceptionally in a team environment, and able work to create the perfect setting for your event. He also teaches at the YMCA, and is dedicated to leading the youth of his community to the right path, and keeping negativity out of their lives. His commitment to helping and guiding a younger generation has taught him to be positive and determined to create an excellent vibe at your event.


Our expertise comes from performing at many different events of varying ethnic backgrounds. We have learned many customs and traditions, which has helped us to understand and respect our client’s wishes.

Epic Music Entertainment prides themselves on staying modern with the latest pop culture music and lifestyle while still maintaining a classic and elegant vibe. Our team considers themselves very proficient in entertaining guests of all ages, and all cultures.


Education is by far the most consistent aspect of our personal growth. Throughout the year we as a team attend many DJ related conferences and conventions, as well as seminars and workshops. The conferences we consistently attend are Mobile Beat, Wedding MBA, and The Las Vegas DJ Show, which is hosted by the ADJA (American Disc Jockey Association). Seminars and Workshops we invest our valuable time in are the MarBecca Master of Ceremony workshops, and lighting entertainment technology seminars hosted by major companies such as ADJ and Chauvet.


Execution is a team effort. All members of Epic Music Entertainment are knowledgeable in their craft, from DJing, to MCing, Lighting Design, and Special Effects, furthermore we are not your average DJs, we are Directors at your wedding, alongside our Wedding Coordinator Nin Khoshabian. As a client, the benefit of allowing us to coordinate and direct will keep the flow of your event stable and according to plan. As your Entertainment Director’s, we are ready to make your once in a lifetime event memorable, elegant, and lively.